The National League Riders’ Championship has taken place this afternoon (September 30) at Leicester.

Eastbourne Forman IT Eagles representatives Georgie Wood and Mark Baseby both scored eight points.

The title was decided in a run-off between Ben Morley and Alfie Bowtell, both Isle of Wight riders, with Morley declared the winner. The two traded places but Bowtell dropped it having just taken the lead on the second bend of the third lap.

Scorers Ben Morley 14, Alfie Bowtell 14, Connor Mountain 13, Jack Thomas 10, Ma Clegg 8, Tom Perry 8, Mark Baseby 8, Georgie Wood 8, Ryan Kinsley 7, Nathan Stoneman 6, Jon Armstrong 6, Tom Woolley 5, Kyle Bickley 4, Tony Atkins 4, res Dan Gilkes 3 (2 rides), Sheldon Davies 1, Drew kemp 0(2), res Ben woodhull 0 (2).

THE latest Jackpot Draw took place on Saturday. The first prize of £166 was claimed.

However, two prizes are still to be claimed: Yellow 896 (£116) and Yellow 628 (£50). Claim when you come through the turnstiles next Saturday.

NEXT Arlington action is on Saturday, October 6, when we face Coventry in the first leg of the National League Play-Off semi-final.

Paul Watson