Eastbourne went down 32-37 in an incident packed and curtailed National League meeting at Central Park, Sittingbourne, tonight (July 30) against Kent.

The match played out on a pleasant evening in front of a good sized crowd.

However, two of the home team were taken to hospital after separate crashes.

Teams :

Kent: 1 Steve Boxall 2 Taylor Hampshire 3 Nathan Stoneman 4 Anders Rowe 5 Jack Thomas 6 William O’Keefe 7 Alex Spooner.

Eagles:1 Tom Brennan 2 Jason Edwards 3 Mark Baseby 4 Charley Powell 5 Georgie Wood 6 Nick Laurence 7 Charlie Brooks

Here’s how Kevin Ling saw the match unfold as the Forman IT Eagles re-started their league campaign after a summer break of a month. 

Ht 1 - Edwards makes the start but Boxall cut through on his inside out of second bend - Edwards and Brennan comfortable in second and third with Hampshire well adrift. Second lap saw Brennan’s machine fail him gifting Hampshire third place and Kent the opening 4-2, time 58.8

Ht 2 Kings were faster from the start and looked to have the 5-1 assured as Spooner led from O’Keefe with Brooks, after a ragged start, chasing them down. The final lap proved unfortunate for O’Keefe, however, as he lost control and hit the second turn fence - this of course gifted Eagles a share of the spoils but needless to say the widespread concern was for the luckless Kent youngster who was taken from the circuit by ambulance; 3-3, 7-5 no time 

The action continued after an extended period while the paramedics attended to O’Keefe - heat three saw the Kings’ duo of Stoneman and Rowe lead the seemingly ring rusty Powell and Baseby throughout. Baseby rallied towards the end and put pressure on Rowe but he had left himself too much to do 5-1, 12-6, time 59.9

Ht 4 - Spooner through tapes - put back 15m

Restart - Thomas gates but Georgie Wood scorches around his outside out of bend two taking the win in the fast time of 57.6 - Thomas remains second from Brooks with spooner bringing up the rear, seldom looking likely to make up the 15m, 2-4 14-10.

Ht 5 - Edwards dicing with Stoneman up till third / fourth bend unfortunately the Eagle losing control and collecting Stoneman, taking them both down - both quickly to their feet but Stoneman went down again and received attention - eventually rising and walking back to the pits unaided

Ht 5 - rerun Unfortunately Stoneman is in the wars a second time as Tom Brennan loses control on third turn and collided with him sending Nathan into the fourth bend air fence at high speed - thankfully he soon rose again but this time required and ambulance ride back to the pits for the paramedics to assess him fully. 

Both racing incidents but both Edwards and Brennan now excluded from the second rerun of heat five

It would appear that Stoneman is now following O’Keefe to hospital - very unfortunate for the Kings who would now appear to be down to five riders.

Heat 5 rerun - Rowe wins from Spooner 5-0, 19-10.

Heat 6 fine win from Georgie to beat Boxall - Hampshire leading home Laurence for the odd point and the 3-3, 22-13, time 58.3

Heat 7 - Charley Powell goes through the tapes and will go off 15m

Good win for Baseby keeping Thomas at bay throughout - Powell trying to reel Spooner in but to no avail 3-3, 25-16.

Ht 8 - Hampshire rides around Edwards to take the win, Brooks holding third from Spooner 3-3, 28-19

Ht 9 - No rider in red . Flying win for Georgie from Rowe - Laurence riding unchallenged for third 2-4 30-23

Two minutes sounded for heat 10 - will be the last race with the curfew already breached 

Powell exc for 2 mins and Brooks replaced him. Baseby rode great race to beat Boxall. Brooks rode well to beat Hampshire, 2-4, 32-27.


Kent: Boxall 7 (3 rides), Hampshire 5 (4), Stoneman 3 (1), Rowe 7+1 (3), Thomas 4 (2), O’Keefe 0 (1), Spooner 6+2 (5)

Eastbourne: Brennan 0 (2 rides), Edwards 4 (3), Baseby 7 (3), Powell 0 (2), Wood 9 (3), Laurence 3 (3), Brooks 4+2 (4)

National League points: Kent 3, Eastbourne 1

Paul Watson