Eastbourne quickly returned to winning ways after their heavy defeat at Birmingham on Wednesday.

Last night on the Isle of Wight, the Forman IT Eagles handed out a thrashing to the Warriors in the National Trophy.

Here’s how Kevin Ling say the match unfold.

Heat one restart Morley warned to remain stationary

Morley takes the win in the re-start but Georgie Woodkept him within his sights all the way - behind them Jason Edwards comfortable in beating Danny Danno verge - 3-3 time 69.4 - fastest time of season so far - track very dusty.

Ht 2 - Kelsey Dugard stamps his authority on race two from the off and wins by half a straight - Jamie Bursill looking good for second but falls on final bend allowing Nick Laurence through for maximum points, 1-5, 4-8, time 73.3

Ht 3 - Tom Brennan gates well to lead but Scott Campos goes round his outside down back straight - Charley Powell holding third - Tom makes his move cutting inside of Campos heading into third turn third lap to take the 4-2, 6-12, time 71.4

Ht 4 - Kelsey touches tapes goes off 15 metres

Restart - Mark Baseby gates but Ben Hopwood goes around his outside on first two bends - Mark responds in determined fashion two laps later riding around Hopwood on bends three and four for the win - Dugard making up ground on Shaun Tedham but rides into a dust cloud on second bend of lap three and pulls up shortly after 3-3, 9-15, time 71.4

Grading and (much needed) watering going on now .

Ht 5 - Wood makes a fine start leading all the way in a time of 69.0 - faster than Morley’s opener - Chris Widman follows in second with Campos holding third till Jason produced a determined drive on final two bends to grab third, 2-4, 11-19, time 69.0

Ht 6 -  Baseby gates to lead home Morley - a fine victory over the Warriors’ number one - Verge takes third from Laurence for a share of the spoils, 3-3, 14-22, time 71.4

Ht 7 - Brennan powers past Hopwood down back straight winning comfortably from the former Eagle - Powell puts pressure on Hpwood in the early part but the home rider holds firm - nevertheless another 2-4 and a progressive 26-16 lead for the visitors time 70.4

More grading and watering now

Ht 8 - Warriors gate on a 5-1 but Edwards flies into the lead outside around first two bends - Kelsey also gets the better of Tedham but can’t quite reel in Verge but the 4-2 duly enhances the Eagles lead which now stands at 30-18 time 72.4

Ht 9 - called back - Laurence warned to remain stationary. Campos gets the drop on Baseby and forges an early lead however the Eastbourne captain is a man on a mission tonight and powers through on Campos inside heading into first bend lap two - Laurence nowhere in contention but Eagles eighth heat winner in the nine races so far safeguards their 12-point lead which now stands at 33-21 time 71.3

Ht 10 - Morley strikes back for the Warriors with a gate to flag effort to see off Brennan - Powell held firm in third place however seeing off the challenge of Verge and the evening’s fifth 3-3 moves the scores to 36-24 time 69.4

Ht 11 - Eagles stride out in 5-1 position, Edwards taking an early lead - Hopwood gets the better of Wood down the back straight and an Eagles 4-2 looks the likely outcome - Georgie doesn’t give up the chase and drives hard under Hopwood on final bend to snatch the 5-1, 25-41 time 71.3

Ht 12 - Eagles all the way as Tom hits the front and increases his lead over Campos with every turn of the wheel - he comes home a quarter of a lap ahead and with Laurence again getting the better of Tedham a further 4-2 puts eagles 18-points to the good 45-27 time 70.8

Ht 13 - Morley and Hopwood hint at what might have been as they power away in first and second - Baseby never gives up the chase and presses through - Georgie seems to be suffering motor misfortune and pulls up on third lap - Baseby passes Hopwood down back straight but the latter slows seemingly with an engine problem of his own - Morley takes the win and with it the Warriors first heat advantage, a 4-2 with Hopwood limping over the line time 71.2

Ht 14 - Powell opens up an early lead from Widman with Kelsey holding firm against Bursill - Widman cuts inside Powell heading into final lap but Charley produces a determined effort to hit back on the back straight to secure the win 2-4, 33-51 time 72.8

Ht 15 - Morley away and gone in the last - Baseby sneaks an early advantage over Hopwood who does likewise against Brennan - the chasing three keep it keen but the order doesn’t alter, the warriors closing the show with a 4-2 - final score 37-53 time 70.6

Iow: Morley 14(5) Hopwood 7(5) Campos 6(4) Widman 5+1(4) Verge 3+1(4) Tedham 2+1(4) Bursilll 0(4) 

Eagles: Baseby 13(5) Brennan 11(5) Edwards 8+1(4) Wood 7+1(4) Powell 6+1(4) Dugard5(4) Laurence 3+1(4)

Paul Watson