Eastbourne only managed one heat winner and no heat wins as they were put to there sword last night at Birmingham.

Brummies: Tom Bacon 18(6), Leon Flint 16+1(6), Danyon Hume 15+1(6), Callum Walker 3+1(5), Arran Butcher 1(3), Layne Cupitt 1(4) Jack Parkinson Blackburn R/R - 54

Eagles: Tom Brennan 9(5), Mark  Baseby 8(4), Georige Wood 6(5), Jason Edwards 5+3 (4), Charley Powell 4+4 (4, Kelsey Dugard 4 (5), Stephen Whitehouse 0(3) - 36

Match details from Kevin Ling:

Ht 1 - Good gate by Powell but Bacon powers around him out of second bend followed by Wood - Cupitt pulls up seeming to expect the race to be stoped (no idea why) but when it isn’t he continues but well adrift of the field 3-3 to open time - 60.05

Ht 2 - Whitehouse leads from the start but is last by the time the riders exit the second bend with Flint, Dugard and Butcher passing him in quick succession - that’s how it stays with Dugard keeping Flint honest throughout ,4-2, 7-5, time 61.72

Tom bacon takes r/r in heat three

Ht 3 - Bacon all the way as he leads from gate to flag - Baseby and Edwards tuck into the minor placings with little impression made by Walker - 3-3 keeps it tight 10-8 time 61.07

Ht 4 Hume and Flint gate together and looking good for the 5-1 - Hume away and gone but Brennan applies pressure to Flint for the first lap and a half and looks to have his measure - the challenge falls away somewhat and Brummies duly take maximum points to put them in control of the fixture 5-1 15-9 time 61.64

Ht 5 - Hume takes r/r

Hume gates but Wood scorches past on the outside down the back straight - Eagles look to hit back with Powell holding third from Walker - Hume launches a counter attack and bursts through on Georgia’s inside entering lap three - that’s how it stays, the night’s third 3-3 taking the scores to 18-12 time 61.57

Ht 6 - Brennan leads from the off but Bacon powers into an early lead, one that he isn’t destined to lose - Brennan holds second from Cupitt but Whitehouse trails throughout and is half a lap adrift of the field by the close - 4-2 22-14 time 60.62

Ht 7 - Hume gets something of a roller to lead but it seems to go unnoticed by referee Graham Reeve - he wins in the fastest time of the night so far 59.97 - Baseby and Edwards comfortable in second and third with Butcher making no impact, 3-3, 25-17

Ht 8 - this time it looks as if Dugard gets the flyer - this time the race is stopped but it transpires that Powell touched the tapes and is duly put back 15 metres

Rerun - Flint makes no mistake at the second time of asking and leads all the way - Kelsey does well to keep Cupitt at bay but his job is made all the easier as the Brummies’ motor fails down the back straight of lap two - another 3-3 keeps Eagles within sight of their hosts but without a heat win as yet to their name they cannot draw them back in 3-3 28-20 time 61.37

Ht 9 - Flint takes r/r - Kelsey reserve replacement for Whitehouse

A fine gate for tom who leads all the way to break Eagles heat win drought but behind him Flint and Walker pack the minor places for a sixth 3-3 out of the nine races so far run 31-23 time 60.27

Ht 10 - Bacon makes it four wins out of four for him personally - Baseby applies early pressure but to no avail, Edwards comfortable in third but Cupitt falls on second lap - he clears the track quickly allowing the race to complete and the scores move to 34-26 time 60.21

Ht 11 - Hume makes it four straight wins despite a fast start from Wood - Powell holds off Butcher with little difficulty and the race ends as a fifth successive 3-3 with the 8-point margin, now 37-29 still in place time 60.19

Ht 12 - Flint continues an impressive performance by claiming the notable scalp of Baseby - with Walker comfortably accounting for Whitehouse, the Birmingham 4-2 put them 10-points to the good, the scores now 41-31 time 61.97

Heat 13  - Bacon storms into the lead to keep his maximum hopes intact - both Wood and Brennan get the drop on Hume and a 3-3 looks to be on the cards - Georgie’s motor isn’t destined to make it to the end of the race however and he slows on on second lap to gift Hume third place - he was unable to catch Tom however and at last he is beaten by an eagle 4-2 45-33 time 60.26

Ht 14 Flint replaces butcher

Fllint completes a wholly impressive performance with yet another win putting him on paid 17 from the night - the Brummies led for a 5-1 in the early part but Edwards found a way past Walker to limit the damage to 4-2 49-35 time 62.41

Ht 15 bacon (r ) Hume (b) Brennan (w) wood (y) Brummies take 2 and 4

Brummies stamp their authority on the final race from the off - Brennan keeps it close and challenges Hume but ultimately couldn’t prevent Birmingham closing the show with maximum points to finish 54-36 winners time 62.15 

Georgie suffered a nightmare of a final race, suffering a fall on the third turn of lap one remounting but pulling up on the final circuit

Brummies 2 5-1s and 5 4-2s - eight shared races - eagles no heat advantages and only one race winner Brennan in heat nine


Paul Watson