27 RACES and it all starts at 7pm ON SATURDAY

First race in a planned 27 heats of speedway at Eastbourne Speedway on Saturday (June 9) will begin at 7pm.

The main meeting will begin, as usual, with the first race at 7.30pm but there will be junior racing at 7pm, which will be under the control of meeting referee, Chris Gay with track staff and medical staff all in place.

To complete the bonanza of racing, there will be a six-heat individual meeting for Southern Development League riders once the National Trophy match against Plymouth is over.

For some weeks, young juniors have come out in advance of the main meeting at Eastbourne but this arrangement is now being put on a formal footing with three races in the 150cc class and three races in the 250cc class.

These will be proper heats of speedway.

The parade and introduction of the rider for the main match will follow at 7.20pm with racing getting under way at 7.30pm.

Eastbourne Forman IT Eagles fans will welcome a return to Arlington of one of last year’s riders, Mattie Bates – this time as team manager of the Devon outfit. 

The visitors also track former Eagle Richard Andrews.

Eagles: Georgie Wood, Jason Edwards, Mark Baseby, Charley Powell, Tom Brennan, Kelsey Dugard, Charlie Brooks.

Plymouth: Adam Roynon, Ryan Terry-Daley, Henry Atkins R/R, Luke Harris (guest), Danyon Hume (guest), Macualey Leek, Richard Andrews, Jamie Bursill (No 8).

Once the NT match is done and dusted, the SJL-level Bob Radford Memorial Trophy will take place over six heats.

It is being staged by nomad team Reading Racers, who use Arlington for home matches.

Reading have named the following riders: Nick Laurence, Charlie Brooks, Stephen Whitehouse, Adam Sheppard, Jamie Bursill and Rhys Laker.

Tonight (June 7) the Eagles are at the Isle of Wight in the National Trophy.