Eastbourne have beaten Mildenhall tonight in the National Trophy 50-39.

Eastbourne’s heat leaders rose to the challenge when they faced the all-conquering Mildenhall Fen Tigers at Arlington on Saturday (June 13) night.

Georgie Wood gave a masterclass in recording a 15-point maximum from five rides.

He received great support from captain Mark Baseby and rising star Tom Brennan.

They scored 37 of the Forman IT Eagles’ points in a 50-39 win in the National Trophy.

Brennan brought the house down with a thrilling ride in heat 15.

Wood jetted from the tapes with the Fen Tigers duo of Drew Kemp and Danny Ayres in tow.

Brennan soon overcame Ayres and then reeled in Kemp. A determined drive in the run for the chequered flag carried him past Kemp by the narrowest of margins.

It gave Eastbourne a 5-1 and sent the fans home delighted.

Eastbourne suffered a couple of blows before the tapes rose.

Charley Powell (knee) and Kelsey Dugard (back) both pulled out with injuries.

The Eagles utilised the rider replacement rule to cover for Powell and drafted in Nick Laurence at reserve in place of Dugard.

Teenage star Kemp, who has been drawing rave headlines all over the country this season, was top rider for the visitors with 13 points.

Eagles' team boss Connor Dugard was delighted with the result.

"I’m really pleased. We are firing.

"The win doesn’t really tell us anything new.

"Mildenhall are a very strong team but we are equally as strong.

"Our heat-leaders were on fire tonight, as I knew they would be.”

Eastbourne are at home next Saturday when they take on fellow high fliers, Birmingham – a club now promoted by former Eagle, David Mason, and his father.


Georgie Wood 15 (5), Jason Edwards 4+1 (5), Mark Baseby 11 (4) rr for Charley Powell, Tom Brennan  11+1 (5), Nick Laurence 4+2 (5), Charlie Brooks 5 (6)

Mildenhall: Josh Bailey 6+1 (4), Sam Bebee 1+1 (3), Danny Halsey 1+1 (4), Ryan Kinsley 8+1 (4), Danny Ayres 6 (5), Drew Kemp 13 (7), Matt Marson 4+2 (3)

Here's how Kevin Ling, your trackside reporter, saw the match unfold.

The big National Trophy battle is between the Eastbourne Forman IT Eagles and the Mildenhall Fen Tigers at Arlington Stadium tonight (June 23).

R/r for Charley Powell (bad knee) and Nick Laurence in place of Kelsey (bad back).

Ht 1 - Easy win for Georgie Wood and opening 5-1 for Eagles - Sam Bebee impedes Josh Bailey on first turn and this allows Jason Edwards through - by time Bailey makes it past Bebee, it was too late to put pressure on Jason.

Heat 2 - DrewKemp led the pack with Matt Marson second but struggled to get round second bend and looked out of control  - Brooks trying to pass but Marson blocking his path third lap saw Brooks hit Marson's back wheel and fall - Nick  Laurence had fallen the bend before so ref's decision was to exclude Laurence and award it as Kemp, Marson, Brooks - 6-6.

Heat 3 - Ryan Kinsley leads out on start from Baseby - Dan Halsey loses control on second bend and runs into centre green - race stopped again even though rider and bike were off the track - Kinsley again gates in rerun but Mark Baseby storms outside on run in to lap two - Baseby nearly drops it on first turn but manages to remain upright and eases clear of Kinsley - Laurence rides home unchallenged for the point and the 4-2, 10-8

Ht 4 - Fine win for Tom Brennan leading Danny Ayres all the way - Marson looking more controlled this time comfortably outpaces brooks 3-3 13-11

Ht 5 - Called back for first bend bunching after Bailey drops it - rerun Baseby gates to lead all the way - Bebee holding second to start but Bailey makes his way past - there seems to be issues on second bend catching out some of the riders - Brooks (rr) maintained pressure on Bebee but no catching him 3-3 16-14

Ht 6 - Georgie Wood leads Ayres out of start - Kemp hits fence on second turn and falls - race stopped - Kemp excluded. Rerun - Georgie again too quick for Ayres and Edwards rides around for third and the 4-2 20-16 58.0 fastest time so far

Ht 7 - Tom B wins at a canter - leading home Kinsley and Halsey by a quarter of a lap - spirited effort from Laurence but no dice 3-3 23-19

8 - Kemp in place of Bebee. Edwards bike fails on start line and he doesn’t leave the tapes - Brooks leads into second turn but kemp shoots through on inside to take the win - brooks remains ahead of marson thus preventing the 5-1 - 2-4 25-23

Ht 9 - Kemp coasts to a stop around bends one and two - then Ayres throws his bike into air fence on turn three - Ayres excluded as cause of stoppage - Kemp excluded for not being under power -  rerun Baseby and Laurence duly pick up the 5-0 for a progressive 30-23 lead

Ht 10 Georgie Wood swoops around all three riders around turns one and two - Halsey falls on second turn and remounts - Wood wins easily - Kinsley takes second despite pressure from Edwards 4-2 - Eagles pulling away 34-25 

Ht 11 - Tom on fire and easily outpaces Bailey - Brooks (replacing Laurence) gets the drop on Bebee and leads him all the way 4-2 38-27

Ht 12 - Laurence in for Brooks. Kemp and Halsey lead into first bend but Halsey again drops it on second bend - Kemp continues for his and Mildenhall's third heat winner - the first to head home Baseby; a 3-3 and it is 41-30 progressively.

Ht 13 - Wood too good again - leading out of second bend for a comfortable win - Tom battles past Bailey into third but he suffers a nasty tumble on third bend, third lap - is soon up and okay but Brennan excluded and race awarded as 3-3, 44-33 - eagles cannot now be caught.

Ht 14  Edwards takes rr, Brooks replaces Laurence and Kemp replaces Marson. Kemp romps to victory followed by Kinsley - Brooks takes third with Edwards nursing a seemingly ailing motor around which gives a token 1-5 to visitors,  46-38

Ht 15  r Georgie, b tom, w kemp, y Ayres - Eagles in traps 2 and 4. Good way to finish with Wood an all the way winner again. He has been brilliant again tonight. Kemp and Ayres in second and third - Tom soon overcomes Ayres for third and gives chase on kemp - a determined drive on the run in carried him past Kemp by the narrowest of margins - brings the house down - 5-1 50-39