Eastbourne are back at full strength for Saturday’s (June 16) home match against the Kent Kings.

Forman IT Eagles team manager Connor Dugard welcomes back the two riders who missed the disappointing defeat at Kent on Monday.

Charlie Books was absent because of school exams and Charley Powell has recovered sufficiently from a collarbone injury to resume riding.

Dugard said: “We let slip a decent lead up at Kent and will want to put that right at Arlington.

“Eastbourne and Kent are both good teams but we are more than capable of comfortably winning this National Trophy match.”

Last week at Arlington, against Plymouth, the track was muck slicker than normal, caused by six heats of junior racing before the main match.

Dugard said at the time they would learn from the issue and have brought forward the junior racing to 6.45pm.

“That will give the track staff time to do some preparation before the main meeting gets under way. With a crash in the first junior heat last week, it was all a bit tight.

“We want to give ourselves a bit more time to get the track how we want it.”

There will be three 150cc heats and three 250cc heats. 

Nathan Ablitt, from the Battle area, will be in the 250s having missed last week’s racing because he was in European competition.

One again, there will be a bonanza of racing for fans.

As well as the six junior races, the main meeting will be followed by a six-heat Southern Development League match between Weymouth and Kent.

The timetable will be:

6.45pm: Junior racing

7.20pm: Parade for main meeting

7.30pm: First race of Eastbourne v Kent

Around 9pm: Weymouth v Kent (SDL).

Eagles: Georgie Wood, Jason Edwards, Mark Baseby, Charley Powell, Tom Brennan, Kelsey Dugard, Charlie Brooks.

Kent: Luke Bowen, Anders Rowe, Jack Thomas, Taylor Hampshire, Nathan Stoneman, Jacob Clouting, Alex Spooner.