The Eastbourne Forman IT Eagles are in action at Central Park, Sittingbourne, tonight (June 11), the home of the Kent Kings.

The home outfit welcomes back Jacob Clouting, son of former Eagle Savalas Clouting, after a spell on the sidelines through injury.

Eastbourne are without Charley Powell (injured) and Charlie Brooks (exams).

It is R/R for Powell while Nick Laurence comes in for Brooks.

The Eastbourne riders took an early look at conditions and were out on track around an hour before tapes up. In fact, they did a second track walk soon after – can't blame them, it is a nice sunny evening up in Kent.

The injured Charley Powell, who lives not far away in Orpington, is with the team.

Kent: Luke Bowen, Anders Rowe, Jack Thomas, Taylor Hampshire, Nathan Stoneman, Jacob Clouting, Alex Spooner.

Eastbourne: Georgie Wood, Jason Edwards, Tom Brennan, Charley Powell R/R, Mark Baseby, Nick Laurence, Kelsey Dugard.

You match reporter is Kevin Ling who is trackside at Central Park.

Ht 1 - Eagles in traps 1 and 3. Wood and Edwards storm from the start in 5-1 position. Bowen comes through from last eventually battling past Edwards into second on lap 2 - Rowe making up the number Georgie winning in fastest time of the season at Central Park 2-4 time 57.0

Ht 2 - Spooner leads out of start and is gone - Laurence and Dugard we’ll clear of Clouting for the minor position - Kelsey rips past Laurence on final lap but Spooner already within sight of the flag by then 3-3, 5-7, time 61.3

Ht 3 - Thomas leads - great ride from tom to start through on his inside into first bend of lap two - Laurence well clear of Hampshire and a 4-2 looking the  likely outcome - final bend however, Laurence goes alarmingly wide allowing Hampshire a route through to steal third place, 3-3, 8-10, time 59.4

Ht 4 - Baseby gates from Stoneman - Kelsey hits second place briefly but the Kent man comes back through - Eagles hold 4-2 but Stoneman drops it on fourth bend leaving Kelsey nowhere to go - thankfully all soon up and heading back to the pits - Stoneman disqualified. Rerun Baseby from Dugard with Spooner a distant third - comfortable 5-1 - 9-15, time 61.7

Ht 5- Fast gate from Thomas to lead - Wood maintained pressure throughout but just couldn’t quite reel him in - Edwards comfortable third from Hampshire 3-3, 12-18, time 59.7

Ht 6 - Bowen gate to flag - Baseby second well clear of Rowe - Laurence an early third place but motor spluttered and died down back straight causing him to pull up 3-3, 16-20, time 58.8

Ht 7 - Another big win for Tom - Stoneman and Dugard (r/r) playing out a duel which would go the way of the Kent man - Hampshire falls final bend of lap three - red flags fluttering but result in no doubt 2-4, 18-24, awarded.

Ht 8 -  Rowe traps well and leads all the way - Edwards keeping him honest but just can’t get on terms - Dugard holding third but falls first bend second lap gifting Spooner third place and the 4-2, 22-26, time 60.0

Ht 9 - Another fine win for Thomas, this time at the expense of Baseby - Laurence again plays his role, seeing off Hampshire right to the line for a share of the spoils 3-3, 25-29, time 59.3

Ht 10 - Dugard named as r/r but fails to beat 2 minutes - Laurence out instead. Unsatisfactory start. Rerun Bowen all the way from Tom, Rowe a comfortable third with Laurence well adrift., 4-2, 29-31, 60.0

Ht 11 - Wood, Stoneman Edwards - from the gate; Clouting a mid race faller but clears the track 2-4, 31-35, time 60.1

Ht 12 - Kings hit back with a 4-2.  Thomas good win over Tom - Spooner coming from the back to defeat Dugard (replacing Laurence) 4-2, 35-37, 60.3

Ht 13 - Bowen holds his nerve to see off Wood and Baseby but they combine to keep Stoneman at bay, 3-3, 38-40, 59.3

Ht 14 - Crucial race coming up and both team managers make switches. Spooner in for Clouting Edwards r/r, and Laurence for Dugard. Hampshire gates for the win ahead of Edwards - Spooner leading home Laurence for the 4-2 that levels the scores at 42-42, 61.1 - last heat decider

Ht 15 - Bowen r, Thomas b, wood w, baseby y; Kent 1 and 3. Bah humbug - Bowen wins final race - Wood and Baseby holding second and third - Thomas powers around Baseby for third to take the win 4-2, 46-44, 61.0. Kevin comments: "It would appear Kent have won the World Cup."


Kent: Luke Bowen 14 (5), Jack Thomas 12 (5), Alex Spooner 7 (5), Anders Rowe 5 (4), Taylor Hampshire 4+1 (4)l Nathan  Stoneman 4 (4), Jacob Clouting 0 (3).

Eastbourne: Georgie Wood 12 (5), Tom Brennan 10 (4), Mark Baby 8 + 1 (5), Jason Edwards 7+1 (5), Kelsey Dugard 5+1 (5), Nick Laurence 2+2 (6), Charley Powell R/R.