Eastbourne ‘Forman IT’ Eagles maintained their winning ways around Arlington in season 2018 with a 20-point success over a special select side representing the IT First Eagles on Saturday evening.

Once again Georgie Wood ruled the roost for the Sussex outfit with a glorious 15-point maximum and he received solid support throughout the order, writes Kevin Ling.

For the visiting septet, Danyon Hume led the charge, two wins included in an impressive 10-point tally that atoned for a disappointing opening after he ground to a halt in his first outing.

Former Eagle Ben Hopwood also contributed a brace of race wins giving the IT First Select some hope of living with their hosts but his scoring dipped in the crucial heats thirteen and fifteen, thus allowing the Forman IT Eagles to set their victory in stone.

Skipper Mark Baseby took the honours from Josh Bailey in a shared opening race but reserve duo Jason Edwards and Charlie Brooks combined for maximum points and already the home side were on the march.

A trio of 4-2s, a couple of wins from British Under-19 runner up Tom Brennan, either side of a first victory for Wood established firm control for the Forman IT Eagles with the scores standing at 20-10.

The visitors kept tabs on their hosts, six of the next seven races remaining shared, however with a further 4-2 in heat seven going against them, the home side were 12-points to the good by the end of this period meaning that in spite of their efforts, the IT First Eagles had been unable to make inroads into the deficit.

Wood and Baseby ramped up the pressure in heat thirteen, leading home Bailey and Hopwood for the 5-1 that put victory beyond doubt, the scores now standing at 47-31.

Brennan produced a runaway win in the penultimate heat to keep the home fires burning and the 4-2 along with Edwards moved the scoreline to 51-33.

Wood then underlined a commanding performance with victory over Hume in the last, Hopwood suffering a fall in the mid part thus seeing the Forman IT First Eagles to run down the clock with a second successive 4-2, the final score moving to a decisive 55-35.

A sidenote to Jamie Bursill's two problems with the tapes in heats 6 and 9.

In heat six he hit the tapes, and was disqualified and went back 15m for the re-start. This served as his first warning for tapes offences.

In heat nine, he suffered a disqualification for moving at the tapes, having already received a warning. The rules allow for him to go off 15m, which he did.


Forman IT Eagles: Georgie Wood 15(5), Tom Brennan 13(5), Mark Baseby 10+1(5), Charlie Brooks 7+3(5). Jason Edwards 7+1(6), Kelsey Dugard 3+2(4), Rider Replacement for Charley Powell, – 55

IT First Eagles : Danyon Hume 10(5), Ben Hopwood 8(5), Josh Bailey 7(4), Danno Verge 5+2(4), Ryan Terry-Daley 4(4), Nick Laurence 1(4), Jamie Bursill 0(4). – 35

Paul Watson