Eastbourne Speedway's rising star Tom Brennan had a great night in the British U-19 Final last night (May 17) at Ipswich.

The Forman IT Eagles 16-year-old raced to 14 points and second place on the rostrum.

The meeting was won by Belle Vue Colt Dan Bewley, who defeated Brennan when they met.

Leon Flint of Birmingham was third.

Eastbourne's Jason Edwards scored four points and Charlie Brooks three.

Brennan will be in action at Arlington Stadium on Saturday when the Forman IT Eagles take on an IT First Eagles septet in a challenge match.

Tapes up at 7.30pm.

1 Dan Bewley 15 (Belle Vue/Workington)
2 Tom Brennan 14 (Eastbourne)
3 Leon Flint 11 (Birmingham) - After run-off

OTHER SCORERS: Joe Thomas 11, Drew Kemp 10, Joe Lawlor 10, Kyle Bickley 9, Taylor Hampshire 9, Jamie Halder 6, Anders Rowe 5, Alex Spooner 4, Jason Edwards 4, Matt Marson 4, Charlie Brooks 3, William O’Keefe 3, Ben Woodhull 1, Joe Alcock (res) 0.

Paul Watson