Zach Wajktnecht beat the rain and opposition to win the British Under-21 semi-final at Eastbourne’s Arlington Stadium tonight (April 7).

He and Max Clegg tied on 14 points but the Swindon/Lakeside rider took the top step on the rostrum having beaten his rival in their head-to-head meeting.,

There were some surprises.

Forman IT Eagle Tom Brennan failed to reach the top seven to qualify for the British U-21 Final but his new team-mate Jason Edwards took the last qualifying place.

Rain fell virtually throughout the meeting but some of the cream of Britain’s young riders were not prepared to throw in the towel and battled through to complete the 20 heat-programme. 

Wajktnecht, who had a nasty fall the night before when riding for Lakeside, said the conditions were “all right”.  He went on: “It was one of those [meetings] where you just have to get on.

“It is what is and it’s the same for everyone.

“I think after the 12th heat they were thinking about it [calling it off] but it was only going to stay the same.

“Everyone just got on with it and everyone is safe at the end."

Max Clegg said the conditions were not the best but “it was not too bad”.

“Everyone is safe and going home in one piece which is what matters,” he said.

“I felt all right tonight. I was making some good starts.”

1 Zach Wajktnecht 14
2 Max Clegg 14
3 Connor Mountain 12
4 James Shanes 11
5 Josh Bailey 10
6 Drew Kemp 9
7 Jason Edwards 9
(all qualify for British Under-21 Final)
8 Jordan Jenkins 7
9 Luke Ruddick 7
10 Jamie Halder 6
11 Luke Harris 6
12 Tom Brennan 5
13 Ryan Kinsley 5
14 Matt Marson 2
15 Charlie Brooks 1
16 James Laker (res) 1
17 Aaran Butcher 0.

The second semi-final, due to be held on Sunday (April 8) at Newcastle has been postponed. Forman IT Eagle Kelsey Dugard is in this half of the draw.

We will let you know the re-staging date when we have it.