Eastbourne face the Coventry Bees tomorrow (April 15) in their third match in three days.

And many of the team will go into the match with little experience of the track they are going to face.

Coventry have joined the National League this year and are riding all home matches at Leicester.

However, one Forman IT Eagle is relishing the prospect of going to Beaumont Park to face Coventry.

Georgie Wood enjoyed a huge amount of publicity towards the end of last season when riding for Championship club Sheffield in a relegation/promotion match against Leicester.

Although his club lost, Wood pulled off one of the most unexpected wins – and it was all in front of a large TV audience.

His victory in heat seven was described by BT as the Ride of Georgie Wood’s career as he brilliantly held off the experienced Danny King.

“I cannot wait to go there again,” Wood said.

Eastbourne club chairman, Martin Dugard, said for most of the team they would have to learn quickly on Sunday afternoon if the Eagles were to be successful.

“Not many of us have been there and gone round the circuit.

“That is something we have to weigh up very quickly and we have to have our wits about us because we cannot be left trailing behind,” he said.

The win at Plymouth and the victory at home to Buxton had given the club’s season a “big kick”, Dugard said, adding: “Hopefully, we can keep it going tomorrow.”


Paul Watson