Tom Brennan recorded his first 15-point maximum at Arlington tonight (April 14) as Eastbourne beat Buxton 60-30 in the National League.

EASTBOURNE 60: Tom Brennan 15, Georgie Wood 14+1, Mark Baseby 9, Jason Edwards 8+2, Kelsey Dugard 6+1, Charley Powell 4+1, Charlie Brooks 4+1.
BUXTON 30: Ben Wilson 9, David Wallinger 7, Tom Woolley 6+2, Connor Coles 4+1, Corban Pavitt 2+1, Lewis Whitmore 2, Kieran Douglas 0.

Tom Brennan secured his first 15-point maximum in the National League with a stunning ride in the last race.

He went to tapes with the Forman IT Eagles needing a 5-1 to hit the 60 points mark and for him to complete a full house.

His partner, Georgie Wood, made a great start but Tom missed the gate.

After a couple of laps, to most people in the stadium, it appeared that Wood was deliberately slowing the race in order to give Brennan a chance to come through the field.

Club chairman, Martin Dugard, praised Wood for his skill and for allowing Brennan to come through and take the win.

But, all was not as it seemed, as Wood explained.

He had suffered ignition problems with his engine after his first two rides and in heat 15 his bike began to fail after a couple of laps.

“I looked round and saw a blur overtake and prayed and hoped it was Tommy.

“Luckily it was.

“I had to ride another two laps at not even a quarter of a throttle. I had to be knocking it all the way off and feeding it back until it started to misfire and then rolling back off again.

“It was a bit of a tight one but we did salvage the 5-1,” he said.

When told it looked to people as if he was deliberately slowing the race to allow Brennan to get into the action, Wood said:

“I wish I could say it was.”

Wood revealed he now knew what was causing the problem and would fix the engine overnight and would be ready for the Coventry match tomorrow (April 15).

Brennan said: “I am over the moon. It has been a long time waiting for it to come.

“I thank everyone involved in my team for helping make it possible.”

He said he still felt a bit race rusty after the winter and needed the hard competition of heat 15.

“In a way it was quite nice to come from the back. I felt good,” he said.

Here's are detailed match report from last night by Kevin Ling.

Eastbourne ‘Forman IT’ Eagles sent a statement of intent to the National League as they marked their first Arlington outing of the season with a resounding 60-30 defeat of the Buxton Hitmen.

Top of the show for the Sussex side was Tom Brennan who secured his first ever 15-point maximum for the club.

Georgie Wood was also in maximum mood for the hosts, being paid for 15-points after following Brennan to the chequered flag in the last race, the 5-1 seeing them hit the 60-point marker.

It was something of a points-fest throughout the order however with each member of the side recording at least one win or a paid win.

In their defence, the Hitmen ensemble haven’t enjoyed much track time so far in 2018 as they faced their first match of the campaign.

They couldn’t have had, potentially a more difficult opener however as the Eagles followed on from the previous evening’s victory at Plymouth with another fine display.

Skipper Mark Baseby kicked off proceedings, coming from the back to deny visiting number one Ben Wilson for an opening 4-2, Kelsey Dugard chasing in third place,

Reserve duo Jason Edwards and Charlie Brooks combined for maximum points in the second, increasing the home lead to 9-3.

Brennan recorded the first of his five wins in heat three; outpacing Hitmen Captain Tom Woolley by some distance, Charley Powell riding unchallenged for the odd point after David Wallinger became the visitor’s third faller in three races.

Former Eagle Connor Coles became their fourth such casualty and Lewis Whitmore quickly the fifth as heat four was finally awarded as a 5-1 by referee Dave Robinson, Wood taking the win with Edwards in second.

Brennan carried on regardless in the next, brushing aside Wilson’s challenge as a further Eastbourne 4-2 stretched the home leader further to 12-points, 22-8.

Baseby and Dugard increased the margin by another 4-points as they secured a maximum 5-1 in race six, Coles taking a tumble not just once but twice as the Eagles continued to turn the heat up on their visitors.

Brooks suffered a nasty fall in heat seven but thankfully proved to be unhurt.

Following the reserve's subsequent disqualification, Wood continued undaunted as he headed both Wallinger and Woolley for the full four laps.

Dugard proved to be a popular winner of heat eight and Edwards continued another superb performance following him home for second place in spite of the intentions of the lively Corban Pavitt.

Eastbourne’s fourth 5-1 in the eight races so far run however had opened up a 35-13 advantage in favour of the home side and already they were almost beyond the reach of the visiting Hitmen.

Heat nine would effectively prove decisive as Brennan and Powell paired up for a further 5-1, Coles again not enjoying the best of fortunes as he followed the pair home.

Baseby and Wood respectively secured wins in each of the next two races but the visitors at least were able to share the spoils.

Nevertheless, the Eagles were already home and dry, the three National League points in the bag with the scores standing at 46-20

Brennan again proved unstoppable in heat twelve, however Buxton could take a crumb of comfort as Woolley became the first visitor to head home Edwards.

Baseby suffered mechanical breakdown in thirteen and mounted on borrowed machinery was unable to get on terms with either Wilson or Coles.

Wood made it four wins out of four however, the third split of the points in four races moving the score to an emphatic 53-25 in Eagles favour.

Buxton secured their one and only heat advantage in the penultimate race as Powell suffered a fall and earned an exclusion.

The rerun saw Wallinger cap an industrious performance with the three-points from Brooks, Whitmore following on as the Hitmen snipped two-points from the Eastbourne advantage.

The final race and Brennan completed his journey through the card.

The young Eagle blasted from third into first place around both Wilson and Wood as his fellow Eagle slowed with machine problems to enable Brennan to bag his landmark 15-point maximum.

There will inevitably be tougher matches ahead, however the Eagles had done what was required and the final 60-30 scoreline marked the perfect start to their National League campaign.     


Eagles: Tom Brennan 15(5), Georgie Wood 14+1(5), Mark Baseby 9(4), Jason Edwards 8+2(4). Kelsey Dugard 6+1(4), Charley Powell 4+1(4) Charlie Brooks 4+1(4). – 60

Hitmen: Ben Wilson 9(5), David Wallinger 7(5) Tom Woolley 6+2(4), Connor Coles 4+1(4), Corban Pavitt 2+1(4), Lewis Whitmore 2(4), Kieran Douglas 0(4). – 30