Official Fixtures for the 2018 season

Races at the Arlington Stadium will begin at 7:30PM unless stated otherwise. Home Fixtures are in all bold.


APRIL 2018

April 7th British U21 Semi-Final @ Eastbourne 7:30pm - Riders Qualified to the U21 Final; Wajtknecht, Clegg, Mountain, Shanes, Bailey, Kemp & Edwards.

April 13th NT - RESULT: Plymouth 44 Eastbourne 46 (W)

April 14th NL - RESULT: Eastbourne 60 Buxton 30 (W)

April 15th NL - RESULT:  Coventry 51 Eastbourne 39 (L)

April 21st KOC RESULT: Eastbourne 60 Isle of Wight 30 (W)

April 26th KOC RESULT: Isle of Wight 42 Eastbourne 48 (W)

April 28th NL RESULT: Eastbourne 61 Belle Vue 29 (W)


MAY 2018

May 5th NT RESULT: Eastbourne 56 Isle of Wight 34 (W) 

May 12th NT Eastbourne V Kent POSTPONED 

May 13th KOC Coventry 46 Eastbourne 44 (L)

May 19th CH Forman IT Eagles 55 IT First Eagles 35 (W)

May 20th NT Mildenhall 59 Eastbourne 31 (L)

May 25th NL Belle Vue V Eastbourne


JUNE 2018

June 2nd KOC Eastbourne v Coventry

June 3rd NL 4s Leicester

June 6th NL Birmingham V Eastbourne

June 7th NL IOW V Eastbourne

June 9th NT Eastbourne V Plymouth 7:30pm

June 11th NT Kent V Eastbourne

June 16th NL Eastbourne V Kent 7:30pm

June 23rd NT Eastbourne V Mildenhall 7:30pm

June 30th NL Eastbourne V Birmingham 7:30pm


JULY 2018

July 14th NL Eastbourne V Mildenhall 7:30pm

July 28th KOC Semi Final Reserved

July 30th NL Kent V Eastbourne



August 10th NL Plymouth V Eastbourne

August 11th NL Eastbourne V Plymouth 7:30pm

August 25th NL Eastbourne V Coventry 7:30pm

August 30th NL IOW V Eastbourne



September 1st NL Eastbourne V IOW 7:30pm

September 2nd NL Mildenhall V Eastbourne

September 8th NL Stoke V Eastbourne

September 9th NL Buxton V Eastbourne

September 15th NL Eastbourne V Stoke 7:30pm

September 22nd RESERVED

September 29th RESERVED



October 13th RESERVED

October 20th RESERVED