Official Fixtures for the 2018 season

Races at the Arlington Stadium will begin at 7:30PM unless stated otherwise. Home Fixtures are in all bold.


APRIL 2018

April 7th British U21 Semi-Final @ Eastbourne 7:30pm - Riders Qualified to the U21 Final; Wajtknecht, Clegg, Mountain, Shanes, Bailey, Kemp & Edwards.

April 13th NT - RESULT: Plymouth 44 Eastbourne 46 - W

April 14th NL - RESULT: Eastbourne 60 Buxton 30 - W

April 15th NL - RESULT:  Coventry 51 Eastbourne 39 - L

April 21st KOC Eastbourne V IOW 7:30pm

April 26th KOC IOW V Eastbourne

April 28th NL Eastbourne V Belle Vue 7:30pm


MAY 2018

May 5th NT Eastbourne V IOW 7:30pm

May 12th NT Eastbourne V Kent 7:30pm

May 13th KOC Coventry V Eastbourne - Providing qualification

May 20th NT Mildenhall V Eastbourne

May 25th NL Belle Vue V Eastbourne


JUNE 2018

June 2nd KOC Eastbourne v Coventry - Providing qualification

June 3rd NL 4s Leicester

June 6th NL Birmingham V Eastbourne

June 7th NL IOW V Eastbourne

June 9th NT Eastbourne V Plymouth 7:30pm

June 11th NT Kent V Eastbourne

June 16th NL Eastbourne V Kent 7:30pm

June 23rd NT Eastbourne V Mildenhall 7:30pm

June 30th NL Eastbourne V Birmingham 7:30pm


JULY 2018

July 14th NL Eastbourne V Mildenhall 7:30pm

July 28th KOC Semi Final Reserved

July 30th NL Kent V Eastbourne



August 10th NL Plymouth V Eastbourne

August 11th NL Eastbourne V Plymouth 7:30pm

August 25th NL Eastbourne V Coventry 7:30pm

August 30th NL IOW V Eastbourne



September 1st NL Eastbourne V IOW 7:30pm

September 2nd NL Mildenhall V Eastbourne

September 8th NL Stoke V Eastbourne

September 9th NL Buxton V Eastbourne

September 15th NL Eastbourne V Stoke 7:30pm

September 22nd RESERVED

September 29th RESERVED



October 13th RESERVED

October 20th RESERVED